Sunday, March 11, 2012

The Venteichers and Grelk Team Up

Andrea sent me this update that includes a cameo by Dennis Grelk, the first person to ever complete the Cup O' Dirt in all three categories (12 metrics, 18 full in one year). Knowing Dennis, I bet he went for a short swim after the run, too...

Howdy!  Lee and I had a guest this weekend--the great Dennis Grelk!  We tried to wreck him by taking him on a ridiculously hilly metric up towards New Albin.  Dennis actually showed some sign of wear by the end, in that he did not insist on going for a 5-mile run after we completed the ride (whew!).  My legs are utterly thrashed thanks to Moore Hill road, among others.  Anyway, that means that Lee has 2 metrics and one full for Feb, and Andrea has 1 full and one metric for Feb.  Thanks again for letting us play!

Andrea Venteicher

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