Tuesday, March 13, 2012

CIRREM According to Charles Showalter

I'm sad that I didn't get down to CIRREM this year because I had to work and also because I didn't sign up in time. Thankfully, Charles Showalter (and a bunch more of you, I'm sure) was able to make it and provided this fine report of what always ends up being a sloppy ride through some wicked hills. Enjoy.

I did CIRREM today. It put the hurt on me. It was icy and slick at the start, then when it warmed up it seemed like it went from icy to sloppy in about 30 minutes. At about the 40-mile mark it was really sloppy and hilly. By the time I got through that five-mile tough stretch I was smoked and my bike looked like this. Aside from getting worked over, it was really fun. This was my first full-blown gravel race. I enjoyed the atmosphere, food, and drink. Take it easy,

Part of the fun of CIRREM is cleaning your bike afterwards, right?

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  1. Charles is a hill climbing machine. I know I've ridden with him. He gets more time in the saddle, LQQK out. Cheers to Charles. :-)