Monday, February 14, 2011

More Metrics to Report

Those look like some sloppy roads, Courtney!
This wonderful weather in February is certainly getting a few people out the door and onto the gravel. Courtney Hilton has two more, to make 4 total for this year. He wrote about #3:

" Got my 3rd Metric for the year,  79 miles.  30 of us rode the GRR2BRR up to Perry for the annual BRR ride.  I took another almost 30 miles after that to complete my metric for the day.
He also wrote to me today to report that #4 was on Saturday on the Earlham loop.

I got a metric of my own yesterday. A few guys from Skunk River Cycles, plus one of our friends/customers, rode up to Stanhope and back. I made up the last few miles with a trip to the grocery store on the other side of town. The roads were really dry for this time of year. Only a few sloppy spots, and lots of great packed gravel. The wind wasn't as bad as the weatherman forecasted, which is always nice.
A few of us boys from the SRC. Thanks to Paul J. for snapping photos on his fancy iPhone.

In other news, Dave reports that the mugs for 2009 and 2010 are being decorated right now. They may be done in time for CIRREM, in which case I'll bring a few of them down for distribution. When the time comes, we'll have them distributed. Exciting!

Keep 'em coming.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

A Cupple More

I know I'll run out of ways to insert "cup" cleverly (or not) into the titles of these posts, but I buy that kinda stuff in bulk. Anyway, Courtney Hilton has this to say:
"Got the second metric in January 31.  Dave Cornelison (who might do cup-o-dirt now) joined me for 81 miles and 3k of climbing southern gravel  roads."
Here's the accompanying photo.

And I have my first full century to report. I finished the Arrowhead 135 on the single-speed Pugsley. It was a balmy -30 degrees F at night on the 31st, and even colder the second night, though I had finished by then. Total time was 35 hours and 35 minutes, though I had a rather cold bivy during the night, due to stupidity on my part. Sometimes, you can be too warm at -30F, and sweat through your clothes and sleeping bag while conked out. Take heed, folks. Here's a photo I snapped about 20 miles into the race.

That's all. Get out there and ride! Don't forget about CIRREM on the 26th of February. It's always some slushy goodness.