Friday, December 14, 2012

Update from Courtney Hilton

Here's the first of what I hope are many updates from Courtney Hilton. For more pictures from this training ride that he and a few other chasers went on, check out his blog post here.

So I'm a little behind on updates....
So first, Century 1,2.
April 1 or the April fools ride, we made it to south lineville mo.  This was our last training ride for trans iowa.  More updates to come as soon as I have time to type them.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Andrea Venteicher Finishes with 12 and 12!

Andrea Venteicher just sent me these two updates. Congratulations, Andrea, on your finish of both the full and metric Cup O' Dirt challenges in a single year, and your first year chasing the cup at that! I know how tough it is to complete this, and you did it with style. Please do let us know if Lee knocks out 8 full centuries in the remainder of December.

From December 2nd:

Holy crap holy crap holy crap!!!  I did it! (mostly).  I just polished off my December full century, which means that i have completed most of my goal!!  I just have a metric to do, and then i can....well, i don't know what that gets me, but at least this goal will be complete.  It was really dark and stupid foggy when i finally got done.
Thanks for the chase!  Rock on!!  Wooooo!!
And from December 9th:

Howdy! I am so excited that I got my December metric done, which puts me at 12 full, 12 metric, one in each calendar month of the year! December 8 was a flawless day with blue skies and no wind, so I rode my last metric down to the mighty Mississippi, then back up into the bluffs. The picture below is an unusually placid Mississippi. 

Lee intends to cash in his 8 metrics and 4 full for a Liter of dirt (unless---and this is possible---he rides another 8 full between now and the end of December; don’t count him out!) Lee is also solely responsible for keeping my bike in shape such that I had NO MECHANICALS or even so much as a flat tire in my 1,980 miles of gravel, snow, and dirt. (I am so spoiled; it took me two rides to finally ask him about “that funny grinding noise” that was my bottom bracket’s death rattle).

This year has been amazing; I can’t thank you enough for hosting this very motivating challenge! I have learned that Kwik Star has the best chocolate milk, Bar Mitts are the best, you can actually warm yourself by sticking Toasti Toes adhesive warmers to your body, and Nutter Butters are proof that God loves us. And that you really can win an argument against your own mind when you’re alone and talking to yourself for nearly 1800 of those miles. Also that Pink is a terrible singer to have in your head (shudder). And always add plenty of salt to your Camelbak, no matter what the outside temperature is. These are the primary bits of advice I have for next year’s newbie chasers. 

I’ve really enjoyed reading everyone else’s ride reports, and I’ll be watching for more reports in 2013. Thanks for making the world just a little bit dirtier!