Friday, March 16, 2012

Austin Turner's Spring Break Chase

Austin was very excited to send me this update. I can only hope that he's been cruising around on his bike the rest of this extremely beautiful week here in Iowa.

I realize it's late, but I quite literally JUST hopped off the bike and am just very excited about this update to my Cup o' Dirt chase...I couldn't wait.
Here it is:

Sitting in class on the Friday right before the week of spring break is always agonizing. I was overhearing numerous stories of travels to the beaches and sand and sun from my fellow students in class. Unfortunately, My spring break plans revolve around racing my bike, riding my bike...working and staying in Iowa City for the most part.
Right as my class got out at 2 p.m. - I raced home to go find sand for myself...On good ol' Iowa gravel roads.
I originally only set out for just a quick spin in the gravel...but after a few hours of having way too much fun, and relishing in the fact that I was out on a beautiful clear night with full lights...I kept going.
A quick and dirty mapping of the ride puts me at about 85 total miles with 68 of it on gravel (Spring Break Iowa Sand). Chalk that up for my 3rd metric.
6 and a half hours in the saddle, and a great start to my spring break.

A.J. Turner

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