Thursday, March 8, 2012

Austin Turner's Triple D Report

I asked Austin Turner to provide me with more details about his Triple D winter race, and he furnished me with this lovely report and photo. Thanks, Austin! More to come from him in an upcoming post.

A.J. Turner January Metric Century Report:

Triple D was an excellent race, and an even better way to get in my first metric gravel century of the year. The first 20 or so miles of the race proved brutally hard with more hike than bike, but soon I found myself in the front group. After a quick attack, up hill, I slipped away from the group and was sitting in a comfortable 2nd place - chasing and gaining on 1st. Either delusion or bonking set in, however, and I got lost for about 2 miles (It's easy to do in fields where everything is white with snow!). Realizing my mistake, I re-routed and set in for the last half of the ride (mostly into headwind on the heritage trail) clawing my way back to a 3rd place finish. Overall the race route was for 64 miles, but I estimate I rode 66~. Good enough for me with a total ride time of 6 hours and 45 minutes. The best part; It was my first time riding a fat bike on the snow, and it was even a borrowed bike!

Attached is the only photo I have...No time for photos - RACE MODE! (Although I did have enough time to stick my tongue out at the camera).

A.J. Turner
Proof that Fat Bikes are Fun Bikes

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