Thursday, March 15, 2012

Craig Irving's Updateapalooza

Craig sent this to me to get us up to speed on all he's been doing for the Cup O' Dirt. Maybe next time we'll get a picture of a pig in high heels riding a Moonlander around the icy rings of Saturn screaming the lyrics to a Journey song. And yes, that is a challenge to you, Craig. You can pick the lyrics...

A lack of creativity this evening means I just have a picture of my navigator for you fine folks.  I promise to have a few more drinks in the bloodstream for my next update.  Anyway, down to it...

Feb 12th: (Metric)
Took the Pugs out for a gravel metric with Charles, which ended up being more tiring than I expected.  Hit a few snow covered B roads, plus one that was good ol' Iowa mud.  I was worn down enough from riding the fatty that I swung by the house at mile 55 to switch to the single speed.  We had enough gravel in by then to round out the metric on the pavement. 

Feb 19th: (Metric)
Spent the day doing laps on the steep rollers south of town.  Round and round and round... 

Feb 25th: (Metric)
CIRREM!  Icy crash fest turned into a slushy, muddy slog.  Lost my highest and lowest cog, shift cable kept getting stuck, rear brake froze up, had to stop a couple times to knock off the concrete building up on my bike.  I loved every minute of it.  Trimmed 40 minutes off of last year's time.

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