Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The End Approacheth

The end of 2010 is nigh. Be sure to get out in these next few days (which should be warm but rainy in Iowa) and make sure that your cup runneth over with dirty metrics and centuries. Then let me know about it!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Drew Wilson Cupdate

Here's a list of rides completed by Drew Wilson, as well as a few photos he sent me. 22 metrics and 15 full so far, and, "Will likely pick up a few more before the end of the year here as I'm riding more again now." Good work already, Drew, and keep it up.

Dirty 2010

1/6- 63 miles on Douglas Trail
1/14- 62 miles on 2009 Almanzo course
1/21- 106 miles to Mystery Cave
2/11- 107 2009 Almanzo to St. Charles, explore, return
2/14- 63 miles to Byron, Spring Valley
2/17- 65 miles soft snow, to St. Charles
2/28?- CIRREM 65
3/12- Spring Training Decorah metric
3/13- STD century- HARD, end of first ever 20+ hr week
3/18- gravel metric (fixed)
3/26- metric to Spring Valley (fixed)
3/27- century, part of a 157 mile ride
4/11?- Ragnarok, only made a metric, fell hard!
4/18- metric
4/24- BALLS day 1, 104 miles
4/25- BALLS 65 miles
4/29- 103 mile gravel ride s of Spring Valley
5/9- Sandwich 50, broke bike/two laps on cruiser! also rode to bars later, metric
5/15- Almanzo- fast for me at 5:45!
5/22- Cheq 100, beyond lost 107 miles
5/29- rode to Elroy, WI 177 miles (dm and dc)
5/30- 67 miles, end at wi dells
6/5- dirty kanza (130ish miles completed)
6/10- rode to Milltown Cycles (110 miles)
6/18 trans-wisconsin 155 miles
6/19- 115 miles
6/20- 83 miles
6/21- 70 miles (ended in Ironwood, so DNF! spent rest of time off there and copper harbor)
6/24- 65 miles on SS around Ironwood
7/27- 151 miles- to Stillwater with Skogen, back to Hastings
7/31- Wausau 24 (team) I got 80 miles in

focused almost solely on XC races for a couple months here...

10/2- heck of the north- 80 miles (very sore back- replaced bike after this)
10/23- 118? miles at Night Nonsense (supposed to only be 90)
10/31- 82 miles at Dirt Bag

that was the end of my "season" so far as I look at things.


11/14- 70 miles, group ride, bw3s etc., pretty easy/slow
11/29- Rode to Royal Wilders grave- 70ish miles

Will likely pick up a few more before the end of the year here as I'm riding more again now.

22 metrics and 15 centuries thus far!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

...and another

I won't be posting three times a day regularly, I promise. But since the updates are rolling in (two in the last ten minutes), I figure I might as well get the word out. Maybe it'll inspire some lurkers out there to get in some rides, and I can hand out a few more cups. Here's a list of 2010 cup rides from Courtney Hilton. Courtney kindly provided me with links to a ride report and photos of each ride. Click on the ride to be transported to its specific blog post.

1/16 First Metric
2/6 Second metric
2/27 Third Metric
3/17 Fourth Metric
3/28 Fifth Metric
4/24 Sixth Metric
5/1 Seventh Metric
6/4 Eighth Metric
8/15 Ninth Metric
8/30 Tenth Metric
9/4 11th Metric
10/13 12th Metric
Here is my list for the year.  It's sad I missed the one a month in July!


Well done, Courtney. It was really, really hot in most of July.

Ride Update from Adam Blake

Here's the first of (I hope) many updates from single-speed superstar Adam Blake:

Thanks for keeping this going.  It was great motivation in the winter months last year and I'm sure it will be valuable this year.  I have done 7 fulls and 12 metrics.  That was all done before September, then I fell off the cliff.  Oh well, BRING  ON THE SNOW.


That's two cups, man. Way to go! Hear, hear with the snow - the Pugsleys are getting anxious.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Cup O Dirt Revival

This is what you should be out doing in the next three weeks! It might have more of a whitish tinge where you are located, however.
Well, it's been a while since there's been an update here, but The Cup is not dead. It cannot die - porcelain cups are eternal, you know.

There's been a little change with the administration of the Cup, and it has been decided by the council of off-road gods that it shall be I, Nick Wethington, who carries the torch for this current incarnation of the beloved cup.

Now, there's only a few weeks until the end of this current season. As you can see below, there's not much for cupdates. I only have two to report from those on the list in the previous post - the first is that of David Giegerich, who rode a whopping 100 metric centuries since March. That is not a typo. I didn't mean 10. I meant 10 x 10. This certainly deserves recognition - what an inspiration to other cyclists doing this crazy thing that we do. Davey G, we applaud you.

The second person I have to give updates for is myself. I have complete 9 metrics and 6 full centuries this year.

As for all of you other chasers, we need those updates and ride reports and we need them now. You still have three full weeks from today's writing to get a few more rides in. If Dave can ride 100 metric centuries in one year, you can probably stand to get a few in by January 31st. Just think of that when you're out there in the Iowa prairie and it's like -7 degrees Fahrenheit. This right here is an important bit: send all of your Cup O' Dirt correspondence to iowacupodirt _[at]_ gmail - dot - com.

We want your stories, your photos and of course the number of rides you've completed in 2010 that qualify for the cup. Also, send in any rides that you're aware of which would be of interest to cup chasers. More the better if you'll be putting on a ride. If you've been chasing the cup but have slacked off because you thought it was dead, you can still send in your stats and stories and pictures.

The rules remain the same: 12 metrics (62 miles) gets you a cup, 6 full centuries gets you a cup or 12 centuries gets you a cup. If you do any combination of those numbers, for example do over 12 metrics 6 full centuries, you can qualify for multiple cups. I'll have a few links up to rides that you can do in Iowa in early 2011 in the next few days, and will be making a few general changes around this joint to get things up to speed. Good luck!

~Nick Wethington