Friday, December 30, 2011

Nick Wethington's 2011 Cup

Well, I didn't qualify for all three cups this year or anything, but I at least eked out a Cup o' Mississippi Mud. In total I had 10 metrics and 6 full century rides on dirt/snow.

Matt Maxwell and I did a ride down to Chichaqua Valley Bottoms on December 4th on our Pugsleys. We got 72 miles in on gravel/icy B-roads. It was officially the first time I had to ride in the grass on the side of a B-road because it was too slippery instead of too sticky. The day after that, December 5th, I took the Pug over to Jefferson to visit a friend, then rode down to Adel on the Raccoon River Valley Trail. It was icy/snowy enough in the northern part to get me about 85 miles on dirt/snow, and the last 15 or so on relatively dry pavement to get a full century. I also finished the Tuscobia 150 in Wisconsin on the 17th of December. 150 miles of crusty, icy snow with a few miles of rutted, mushy stuff in there. It was a great ride, despite some GI problems about halfway through.

This B-road was pretty sketchy. Image courtesy of Matt Maxwell.

Last Chance for 2011 Rides!

2011 is almost over. Kinda unbelievable. You only have today and tomorrow to get in those last rides for the Cup o' Dirt! Forget those New Year's parties that you've been invited to. Fill your Camelbak with champagne and get out on the dirt.

The list to the left has the current information for all of the cup chasers for 2011. If you notice that I have the wrong numbers, let me know. If you've completed enough rides for a cup, send them to me ASAP at I'll start looking into getting more cups made mid-January for the 2011 running.

I hope to get rid of some other responsibilities in 2012 and spend a bit more time with the Cup o' Dirt. Expect some more regular rides and challenges.

Here's to hoping that your resolution for 2012 is to get your very own Cup o' Dirt!

Christine Carragee's 2011 Rides

I got a message from Christine Carraggee about her 2011 rides. She had a question about rides she should do in 2012. I gave a couple of ideas, but I thought I would put it to the illustrious athletes of the Cup o' Dirt to reply as well. What rides are YOU planning for next year? Leave your ideas in the comments!

I ran across your challenge as I was looking for next year's races.  Do you make them yourself?  Ceramic mugs are way better than pint glasses and to earn one doing something you love is great!

This year:
I attempted, but didn't complete the Royal 162 due to getting horribly lost, got a good century out of it though.

Dirty Kanza
West Side Dirty Benjamin
Heck of the North
Dirt Bag (only 88 miles)

Next year my plan is to do as much of the AGRS as I can, but I already know I can't make Almanzo because its my sister's graduation.  I'm looking for some other ran races -- maybe something in the south east during the spring?  Any suggestions?

Happy Riding, Christine

Matt Maxwell's Metrics

Matt scored a Cup o' Dirt for his 12 metrics in 2011. If you add the 75 miles of Tuscobia trail that he rode after sending this post, it makes a lucky 13 for the year. The photo below shows the gigantic hole in his Pugsley tire from our Tuscobia adventure. How did it get there? Find out for yourself.

A size 15 boot might not even fix this flat.

Here's a few links to his blog with details of a few other of these rides.

Courtney Hilton's December Cup Ride

Courtney sent me this about his last official Cup o' Dirt ride for the year. I think he was the only person chasing to get one a month! I'll have a special prize for him when I deliver his cups (though I don't know what that is yet...). Way to go, Courtney!

So for my last Cup (one a month) I finished!  December Metric was single speed cross bike,  I hit Carlise, Indianola, Martensdale (twice due to wrong turns) and Finished at the tap just like the first one in January.   Fell into a couple ice puddles on ERT but stayed upright (see Picture) this was a little freakier than it looks.  Also hit a "Closed" B road out of Carlisle the map shows the road under water but it's just a mud hole after the spring rains are over (Arthur ST)  Trans-iowa idea?  The rest of the day was un-eventful except the wrong turn on 33 and 5 miles back to martensdale...oops

Thanks for a good time this year doing the Cups,