Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Awe, Heck

If you haven't had the chance to ride the Heck of The North, put on by the illustrious DBD'er Jeremy Kershaw, you owe it to yourself to send a postcard in next year. It was gloriously chilly to start out the ride, then warmed up just enough for it to be comfortable. I think I had my leg warmers on the entire time. The route was a good mix of pavement, gravel, and snowmobile/hiking trails. The red and auburn colors of the trees are simply stunning this time of year, and it was a good departure from my usual roadside decor of corn or soybeans. This was probably my most enjoyable event of this year, with no super-muddy B-roads, drifts of snow, or outrageous heat/humidity. It's always great to see so many of the people that consistently show up to gravel events, and there are a lot of Arrowhead 135 riders at the Heck.

This makes 5 full centuries, and combined with the metric I bagged a little over a week ago on the mountain bike out at 7 Oaks, 9 metric centuries. Maybe I'll catch up to Courtney yet...

Joe Meiser Cup Delivery

I was up at Heck of the North (see next post) a couple of weeks ago, and was able to deliver Joe Meiser's two cups from 2009 to him. He was pretty excited - so excited, in fact, that it propelled him to a 4th place finish. Or at least that's what I'd like to think. Way to go, Joe! I snapped this photo of him enjoying his two well-deserved mugs.
I'm organizing other cup deliveries, but if you've got one coming and haven't heard from me, drop me an email.