Saturday, March 17, 2012

Jared Morford's CIRREM Report and Shameless Plug

Jared Morford, my coworker and friend, felt that he needed to keep up with the rest of ya and give us a report on his CIRREM ride. Also, the Iowa Games Gravel Race should be a metric century that takes place somewhere around Ames or Boone. Stay tuned for details, and mark your calendars.

So my second year of CIRREM went better than the first year.  The first year I owe my finish to Craig Irving for riding with me. It is something I have never forgot.

I have rode alot since last CIRREM so I was excited for the ride and thought it would be substantially easier than the year before. IT WASN'T!  I'm beginning to think CIRREM is a love-hate type thing.  I love CIRREM before and after the race and I hate it during the race.  As of now I am making that generalization off two years of riding. Of course i will have to ride CIRREM next year and probably the year after to see if I continue to feel the same way. That's all I got...

Shameless promotion...

July 7th I'm the race commissioner for the Iowa Games Gravel Race.  In order for it to be a great success I invite all of you my fellow Cup O' Dirt riders to come and race/ride.  I also hope you will invite all of your friends who gravel grind to come with you.


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