Saturday, March 10, 2012

Charles Showalter's 2/12 Metric

Charles Showalter and Craig Irving are teaming up to ride a bunch of Cup O' Dirt rides this year. Don't be surprised if they show the rest of us up! Gotta love the tooling around at the end of a ride to get the full mileage - I've made plenty of trips to the store for recovery food to round out my metrics.

Craig and I rode a metric yesterday. Craig rode his Pugsley and I rode one of his mountain bikes. We left Mount Vernon and rode a sand bar along the Cedar River, then headed southeast into Cedar Bluff, east towards Tipton, north into Mechanicsville, and then back west. Somewhere northwest of Tipton we found an area with a bunch of B roads. This photo is from a spot where two intersecting gravel roads both turned into B roads. That's Craig in the intersection. We ended with 62.1 exactly, including some tooling around to get a metric. Take it easy,


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  1. I think I gotta get out there and start 'metricing' the team of Charles and Craig is going to get too big of a lead in 'the chase'