Monday, March 4, 2013

A Couple More JJM Reports

Jared's been great about writing Cup O' Dirt reports for 2013. I haven't even had to edit them too much! Here's from his last two Cup rides since Triple D:

I got my second metric in for the year! With Triple D, This weekend's ride and CIRREM next week the fact that I will have 3 completed by the end of February is a scary thought. At this rate I won't have to procrastinate! I went out with Matt Maxwell, Andy Zeiner, and Scott Sumpter. They invited Matt and I down to ride from Des Moines to Earlham. I think Matt and I were both excited to ride in a new place with great friends. All and all not much to talk about it. I was checking myself for TI9 and making sure my bike was ready for CIRREM. The bike seems alright for TI9 but I'm not ready for CIRREM! CIRREM always seems like tons of fun until you are out there. Then I tell myself for the week after that I hate that race and I'm dumb to sign up... Needless to say I've signed up the last 3 years. I can't be accountable for my personal actions so I blame Matt Maxwell and the Cup Master. 
To summarize the ride, 66miles with good friends, new scenery and pretty good strength.

Hello Bike Lovers,
This weekend at the CIRREM bicycle race in Cumming Iowa I completed a metric century on gravel roads. It went well. I really don't know what else to say. For me it was test run for trans iowa. The bike was running well and I felt I was as well. I was amazed how I pretty much rode alone despite seeing so many familiar faces. That's ok! When it was all done we met up at the cumming tap and had a grand old time! 
This is also a good chance to wish my friend Nick Wethington "the Cup Master" happy trails. He and his full time night woman are running off to Montana. If it wasn't for Nick and Matt Maxwell putting up with me in the basement of Skunk River Cycles I would probably not be riding gravel. So thanks, Nick, for introducing me to gravel grinding and putting up with me even when you didn't want to. 

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