Friday, March 1, 2013

Pat and Charlie Jenkins 2012 Recap

Congrats to Pat and Charlie Jenkins for doing 7 full centuries on a tandem! They each get a cup for 2012, and it sounds like they had a helluva lot of fun riding in 2012.

Here's a recap of our dirty rides last year. Life got in the way the 2nd half of the year, so we haven't been on dirt or gravel since DK. But, we are optimistic that we can change that this year. Definitely let us know if we owe anything for the cups, and/or shipping. I know that stuff isn't free...or even cheap! We DEFINITELY need 2 cups!!!!!!!!!
Charlie Jenkins
Pat Jenkins 
#1) 4/8 - Time to join the fun! Pat (my wife) & I just took possession of our new gravel grinder tandem (Calfee Bamboo). We completed our 1st gravel century on it last weekend: 127 miles (Red River Riot, St Jo, Texas). This gravel stuff is definitely addicting!!!!!!! 
#2) 4/22 - We rode a 130 mile route. Well over 100 miles of gravel & dirt, with a couple short sections of (gasp) pavement necessary to get to the next gravel. This route started in Pottsboro & went west to Marysville & back. These are our usual gravel roads. 
#3) 4/29 - Today we rode 110 miles, all new territory. I think this may be on our list for future riding. We started in Collinsville & went to just east of Forestburg & back. We wanted to get some night gravel in, so we waited until mid-afternoon to start. 
#4) 5/6 - we rode the Cedar Cross 100, in Jefferson City MO.116 miles. Mostly gravel, with about 10 miles of singletrack. The singletrack was a bit much for our "gravel grinder tandem". We ended up walking a bunch. Lots of soft mud & trails too tight to maneuver the tandem through. The gravel was GREAT! Lots of it, with plenty of good hills.
#5) 5/27 - Pat & I rode another "dirty" full century today. 130 miles total, well over 100 miles of gravel with a few pave miles between the good stuff. Today's ride was our last ride before DK-200. It was hot & windy today, and the gravel was loose & soft. Tough day in the saddle, but we got through it. 
#6 & #7) 6/2 - Yesterday we rode Dirty Kanza 200. This completes #6 & 7 Cup 'O Dirt full dirty centuries. This was our second DK. The weather this year was outstanding, and the gravel absolutely perfect. This year we finished just after 10pm, almost 2 hours faster than last year. We made some new friends, ate a little more KS dirt, and had another awesome experience! 
Thanks for doing this Nick! It's a great motivator to "get dirty" frequently! We look forward to many more in 2013. 

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