Saturday, June 8, 2013

Dave Giegerich's 2013 Resolution

Hey there Cup O' Dirt friends. It's been a while. I finally got all settled here in Montana, and am ready to keep the cup alive. I sent all of the cups from 2012 out before I left in March, but haven't done much since. So, if you've sent me an email with an update, it should be up here in the next week or so. Here's an update from the inimitable woodchuck-smashing Dave Giegerich, which he sent me in late February.

My Dear Cup-O-Dirt
Ok I have set myself a goal for 2013 and that goal is to turn in my Century rides on a timely basis and not wait till after the year to back track through my diary and count them. So far this year I am on track for a metric fat bike ride each month with two centuries in now on the fat bike one at Triple D and now one last Saturday 2/23/13.
Thanks for the chase.
Dave Giegerich

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