Friday, March 1, 2013

A.J. Turner's Winning Triple D 2013 Report

If you weren't there, A.J. Turner burned up the course at Triple D this year. He and Drew Wilson (another Cup O' Dirt rider) battled for the win, and A.J. used his mad skills to come out on top. Then Adam Blake got him really drunk. Congrats to both A.J. and Drew for their fantastic showing of skills and athleticism at Triple D, and for doing the Cup O' Dirt proud!

So awesome to meet the man behind Cup-O-Dirt this last weekend! I'm determined as ever to get one of these cups this year!
My first addition is, of course, Triple D. 67 miles (As I was told) in about 5.5 hours.
One of the hardest and most treacherous races I've done in a while, it proved to be a great first ride to go in for the Cup-O-Dirt chase.
Ice and very hard frozen fields and single-track made this as much of an endurance race as a technical bicycle abilities test.
No doubt, I had fun and am excited to be back in the chase for 2013.

A.J. kicking ass. Thanks to Martha O'Connor Leigh for taking photos this year (and every other year) at Triple D!

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