Sunday, March 3, 2013

Dave Giegerich Crushes Again

I asked Dave Giegerich at Triple D just how many metrics he'd done for 2012. His reply: "Oh, I didn't do too many this year because of some injuries. I think it was like about 50 or so." I think this tells you a lot about how awesome Mr. Giegerich truly is. Here's a brief recap and another image of our Triple D adventure.

Dear Nicholos,
Sorry for the delay in sending you my gravel travel centuries but I had a very serious traumatic occurrence happen to me which left me unable to function up to now. You see on Jan 20th 2013 I became lost in the deep wilderness of Iowa forest with two other cyclists, at night, and with failing lighting systems. The two other cyclists were the following.  A sir Nicholos Wethington and a Mr. Jared M. 
I have heard from certain folks in the know that this has so affected Nicholos that he is now moving out of Iowa. Jared current condition is unknown at this time 
However back to the Cup-O-Dirt. I went through my riding diary and found a total of 55 Metric Gravel Centuries for the year of 2012. Looking forward to setting and achieving some new goals for 2013. 
Thanks for the Chase
Dave Giegerich

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