Monday, April 30, 2012

Venteicher March/April Update

Here's a full report from the Venteichers about their Cup O' Dirt exploits in March and part of April. Enjoy the photos.

Howdy again!  Lee and I have been busy little NE IA beavers, and we each completed a Full and a Metric in March.  So far in April we have each completed a Full, and Andrea has now pulled ahead slightly by doing her Metric for April as well.  (HAH!).  This brings Lee to 4 Full (he only had 2 before…he just got some advance credit on the blog) and 5 Metrics total, and Andrea now has 4 Full and 4 Metrics in the chase.
Lee wanted to thank Mr. Brian Fuhrmann for joining him on his last two Fulls (maybe Brian'll join the chase as well w/Lutsen 99 and who knows what else coming up).  Lee and Brian pushed for their own PRs on both Fulls and set them…along with PRs for pain.  Fuhrmann also showed that he's got some mad camera skills by topping Andrea's hillbilly totem pole pic (and he even got a hippy totem pole in back of the frame).

So far I have found that my Gmapping superpower has got to be the ability to find roads where the bridge is completely gone or only quasi-safe even when the road supposedly goes through on the online map.  

I also came across some nice graffiti under a train bridge somewhere near Columbus Junction in SE IA that extolls several of the world's greatest vices:  smoking weed, neglecting proper footwear ("i need my boots"), wrath (conveyed by the classic middle finger), lust ("double D, yo!"), and, of course, cycling on small bikes.

The other pictures I am including are less amusing, but just illustrate how freakin' awesome the riding is around here...the quad-crunching climb to the top of the bluff usually guarantees one a million-dollar view of what the locals call "God's country"--and don't you forget it, yo.

Peace out---
L&A Venteicher

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