Saturday, April 21, 2012

Charles Showalter's First Full Century

From the desk of Charles Showalter:

Craig and I rode a full century today. We met between our houses, near Ely, and headed southwest. We rode through Western, into Walford, past Swisher, and into Amana.
We hit a couple nice B roads and one very steep hill. This photo of Craig is from one of the Bs.
We rounded it out by riding back east past Ely and near Sutliff before heading back to Mount Vernon.
It was my first ever gravel century.
The weather was perfect and we had our usual good times. Take it easy.
Do NOT mess with Craig Irving. See that face? He will mess you up.


  1. I'm so hard I eat egg salad sandwiches out of vending machines.

    Power flex!

  2. I ain't mess'n with that guy, LQQK at those ginormous pipes......:-)

  3. Well, Craig, that definitely explains the smell...