Friday, April 27, 2012

Eric Buck Joins the Chase

Another new cup chaser for 2012! Eric Buck had this to report from his rides this year. Welcome to Iowa and to the Cup O' Dirt, Eric.

Hey Nick,
Now this is my kind of ridin' and racin'! I'm game!
I'm from Oregon and Washington and Utah if you will, so, I didn't even bother bringing a mountain bike with me to Iowa. Nope, bought a Salsa Vaya frame and built it up my way. It's been a blast to ride, even more so now that things are turning green.
I've done three metrics so far this spring. An out and back from Council Bluffs down the Trace trail for 70 some miles. Another on the Trace from Malvern for 80some. Last weeks ride started in Atlantic and went south to Lewis, then looped through Marne, Wiota, Cumberland, and back to Atlantic. Battery died on that ride so I'm not sure on the mileage. Iowa's not flat I know that much.

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