Friday, April 20, 2012

Davie G. Reporting In

Welcome to another full week of updates! I have a few to catch up on, so there'll be an update a day for at least the next week. Enjoy.

The first is from Dave Giegerich:

Dave reporting in. Back to back Metrics this weekend. That doubles my total for the year. As you can see I am off to a slow start but wheels are starting to roll. Saturday I heard rumors  of large crowds and much revelry in Dyersville so I rode one of my many gravel options to there to check it out. Thousands of people in green, in fact the whole town started turning green as can be seen by this picture.

Sunday wasn’t planning to a metric but I had 20 miles in against the wind and realized if I could do 11 more in this direction the wind would blow me back home for the remaining for the back half.
Woofing down some highly nutritious Oreo cookies here

Oh, I have one confession to make. I did these rides on a bike of ‘lesser stature’ yeap my Fatty needs a new BB, so I rode these rides on my CX.

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