Monday, April 23, 2012

Look for Davie G's Wallet

If you're out riding the gravel near Dubuque, and you see Dave Giegerich's wallet, send it his way. Or go and have a nice night out on the town with his money, take photos, and send them his way.

Another ‘double’ weekend. Two metrics. Saturday, the Fat Girl and myself did a GPS ride of Heritage Trail from my front door in Dubuque, to Dyersville for 31.2 miles and back home again.

Sunday’s ride on CX set out to explore gravel had 18 miles in and it had warmed up enough to take my windbreaker off. It was at that point I find out I did not zipper up my seat bag and I had lost my wallet. 200 dollars, driver’s license, credit card, and a slow learners award for me, being the 2nd time in 6 months that I have done this. So I turn around and retreat watching the trail for my wallyfold. No wallet, and back home I decided to cut the grass and my lawnmower like every year needed repairs and would not start, so out of frustration, I run out and buy  a new lawnmower, with my son's credit card, cut the grass, saddle back up and rode my butt off to finish the metric and  mellow out.

So getting back on track,  and hoping for some weekday centuries as well.
And thanks for the chase
Dave Giegerich

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  1. Yahooo, happy to report my wallet was returned the next day, my faith in humankind has been restored....