Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Speaking of Mr. DaveyGie...

I haven't had an update from Mr. DaveyGie for his 2011 rides. For someone who managed to bag 100 metric centuries in one year, I found this curious. So, I thought I'd make a game of guessing just how many you think he got in 2011. As of right now I have no idea. I think it's above 13, though. 100? 15? I'm inviting anyone to hazard a guess as to the real number. I'll get the answer out of him soon enough, even if I have to break into his house, steal all of his bikes and hold them ransom. Sure, I'd need a semi trailer to nab his collection, but I have connections.

I am offering an award to the person whose guess is closest to the number of metrics that Dave completed last year. I have a full box of Clif gels to offer up. No Price Is Right rules, just whoever is closest. I'll get creative with any ties. Leave your guesses in the comments! I'll probably reveal the genuine number sometime next week.

It only took Dave three minutes to reduce this animal to bone. Just imagine how many miles he can get in one year with his superpowers? Image gratuitously stolen from Dave's Facebook page.


  1. How much climbing do you have in a typical dirt metric there? I'm trying to make some suitable length routes here, but it's a killer amount of climbing. Most of the dirt here is high up on the hills.

  2. My routes are typically between 2500 and 3500 feet for a metric, but some areas you can hit 5k (CIRREM). The challenge tends to be more in the short, steep punchiness of the hills rather than in the length of them.

    On another note, I tried to weasel that info out of Dave this weekend but he kept a tight lid on it. I'm going with 42.

  3. I will go with 43 - but now I change because I see Craig went 42. I don't want to be that Price is Right guy :)

    So 51

  4. You make it sound so easy then! I'm having trouble getting a metric route with less than 6-7k climbing. Generally I figure on 100ft climbing per mile if I'm aiming for dirt, and usually not less than 50ft/mi otherwise.

  5. OMG now that was funny what Nick said. However Nick I must warn you I leave my collection of Pit Bulls chained to all my girls, (bikes)

    Ladies and gentlemen, I will have to back count, my apologies for reporting procrastination.


  6. Dad says I can't guess because I have 'insider information', but dang I could use a box of gels. ;)