Thursday, February 9, 2012

And the Winner is...

I just got this from DaveyGie the other day. 72 dirty metric centuries is an "off year" for Dave! From the comments, it looks like Bill G is the winner. Mind sending your info to A box of Clif Gels will be on your way.

Dear Sir Nicholas,

Ok after going back over Facebook, my blog, and my random entry diary accounts I have come up with a count for Metric and Full C’s for the year of 2011. The number are (Drum roll) Metric = 72 and Full C =6.  I didn’t get my first one this year until April dealing with rotator cuff injuries, which I am currently recovering from surgery and pedaling In my basement, see attached picture. I hope to be back out on my bike in a few more weeks.  December was a great month, often doing 3 a week.

I certainly don’t expect cups for all these and if we can hook up sometime, I would be glad to relieve you of one of these prestigious awards.

I have done two metrics for the year of 2012 one at Triple D and one the week prior.

I want to set some goals for 2012, just no sure what that is going to be.  I just know there will be lotz and lotz and gravel.

Dave Giegerich  a.k.a. MrDaveGie

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