Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Cup Delivery to Courtney Hilton

In the spirit of the Cup O' Dirt, I decided that I needed to try and hand-deliver as many of the cups from previous years that Dave has given me. (You East-Iowans will get yours someday, I swears!) So, this past Sunday I rode down to Des Moines and delivered Courtney Hilton's 2010 cup. We met on the Neal Smith trail, and he played tour guide around a lot of the trails in Des Moines. We found some wonderfully muddy ATV trails near the river. We would ride about 100 feet (or less) and then poke all of the sticky mud that accumulated in the chainstays/forks of our Pugsleys.

After that, we ate junk food at a gas station, then checked out the Center Trails (which were also a bit muddy). Courtney had to be home later in the afternoon to watch the kids, and I had to head back to Ames. So we headed out north of town, and parted ways on a gravel road near Granger. Courtney bagged 70 miles for the day, and I ended up with my first full century of the year with 118 miles. It was a great day on the bike. Screwing around in the mud on a fat bike makes one realize that you never really grow up, and the little kid in you that would purposely ride through mud puddles on your BMX bike hasn't completely disappeared.

Courtney proudly holding his Cup O' Victory.

I collected enough mud on my Pugsley to fill all the cups with it for 2012!

The Moon reflecting of an icy creek on my way home.

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