Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Baby New Year is Delivered

Craig has kept up the fake Richard craziness to the bitter end of the year. I think a new character is in the works for 2012. Maybe it will be the bringer of destruction upon mankind. Or perhaps not. In any case, here's the 2011 final update for Craig. Way to go on all of the rides, man!

Procrastination is awesome at first, but after a while it really starts to suck.  I'd been putting off my updates, but now here I am on the last day of the year scrambling up a Fake Richard pic worthy of topping off 2011.  Anyway, I have three more metrics to report on the year.  It was almost four, but I had a race that fell a few tenths of a mile short of that magic 62.  Since I'd already had that cup locked up, I didn't bother taking the necessary laps around the parking lot to finish it off.  Anyway, let's get down to business...

Nov. 25th:  Headed out with my new riding buddy Charles for a trip to the Amanas and back.  Hit the Hawkeye Wildlife area for five miles of DK rough roads and finished the day with 69 miles *snicker*

Dec. 4th:  Head out with Charles again and hit a long series of B roads north west of West Branch.  They were sloppy and we ended up hiking it though a few miles of mud and sludge.  We could have gone around, but then I would have felt compelled to shave off all my chest hair in shame.  Forgot to start my Garmin until a few miles into the ride, but I figure we did between 63 and 65 miles.

Dec. 17th:  Tuscobia!  First and only snow ride of the season to date (lousy winter).  I came in 6th place in the 75 mile bike event, which was my best result of the year.  My Garmin wouldn't pick up a signal, fought mechanicals and bonkage for half the race, and I dropped my sunglasses in the toilet in Winter because it seemed like the thing to do.  Still, it was good to get out on some snow.  Learned some valuable lessons along the way that I'll be taking in to Arrowhead.

That's it for me this year.  Starting off the new year proper with a gravel metric.  My goal for 2012?  Snag that one cup I'm still missing.  Cheers!
And here I always thought it was the stork...

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