Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Chaser Andrea Venteicher

Not one full day into 2012 I got the first Cup O' Dirt update! Andrea Venteicher is joining the chase for 2012, and is wasting no time getting out on the gravel. Here's what she had to say about the ride:

Hey--i'm new to this scene, but i'm super excited about trying to complete a Cup in 2012.  So excited, as a matter of fact, that i just completed 103.5 miles (from Manly, IA, to Waukon, IA) today.  I wanted to get out of the starting gate right away and get this party started!  It worked out nicely that i could celebrate a belated Christmas w/ my parents yesterday, then Lee dropped me off partway back home, and I rode the rest of the way to complete my century.  I did find out that sometimes Gmaps is a bit off on which roads go through, but any ride that includes a creaky suspension bridge is automatically legit.  (I hope that i attached the confirmatory pictures correctly).  Thanks for hosting this challenge, and i'll hopefully be emailing again in February to let you know about ride #2. 


Andrea Venteicher
Waukon, IA

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