Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Jim Smith and Ed Matthiesen Raise the Flow

We have two more newcomers to the Cup O' Dirt. Jim Smith sent me these emails about some of the qualifying rides he's done with Ed Matthiesen. Raise the Flow, whatever that means!

Hi Nick,

Ed Matthiesen and I would like to enter into the cup of dirt challenge.

In the last two weeks we've done two metrics while scouting roads for the Dirty Lemming ride (www.dirtylemming.com) and getting some miles in for the Ragnarök 105 coming this Friday.

For both rides the roads were actually in pretty good condition.   I did more planning for the first one and the route worked out pretty well. The second one I planned in 10 minutes and we ran into a number of dead ends and ended up following what looked like a road right into a farm. Did run into a couple nice minimum maintenance roads though that will be nice to add to our ride in July, and a pygmy pony that was smaller than most dogs that we run into.

Attached are some pictures and I've created maps at these links.

Thanks for putting this on!

Jim Smith
Ed Matthiesen
Watertown/Delano area of Minnesota.
Here's their Ragnarok report from April 20th:

Last weekend Ed Matthiesen and I completed the 107 mile Ragnorok gravel ride near Red Wing Minnesota in a blazing 11:35 or so.    So that gives us each 2 metrics and one full for the year.

I posted a report with an elevation profile here.   http://lemming-gg.blogspot.com/2013/04/ragnarok-105.html

Pygmy ponies: more fun to look at than farm dogs, and much less vicious.

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