Monday, June 10, 2013

Jared Morford Double Update

Here's a couple more updates from Jared Morford, who was grinding away the miles in March in anticipation of TransIowa.

Hello Dirt fans!
I did a 70 miler today (4/17) with the Race Team and it sucked! I had a blast but my legs didn't want anything to do with it. However, I have some awesome teammates and the pulled me along. Not really much else to say. Crappy ride personally but I realized that on the days you are in a dark place the days you are in bright place are even brighter!  So with that lesson learned I saw today was great!

And the second on March 24th:

Yesterday Matt Maxwell and I did a 100 mile out and back from Ames, to Frazer and then up to Stratford. It was a good ride! Did some hill climbing in the Des Moines River valley. Saw an owl, some deer, galloping horses and a squirrel that made me and Matt lock up our brakes. Seriously, why do squirrels flirt with death and why wouldn't I just run it over? I don't want to run a squirrel over but is it worth almost going over the bars? Enough about squirrels. Another good ride with a great friend. 

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