Sunday, June 3, 2012

Steve Fuller Ride Report

Steve Fuller had this to say about his last few rides. Good luck on Kanza and Chequemegon. Say hello to the heat exhaustion at Kanza for me! We're good friends.

A bit late, but I have a few more rides to report. 
CIRREM 2/25 - 100K+ on my fatbike. 4000 feet of climb. 5:37 moving time. One of the stupidest things I've done to my body in a long time. :) 
Gent's Race 4/7  - 66 miles in 4:43 moving time. Lots of fresh gravel and a headwind for the last 15 miles. Great team of guys to ride with for the day 
Gravel ride 4/21 - 100K. Rode most of the CIRREM course with a couple of other guys. Beautiful day. 
Training Century - 5/20 - 100.2 miles, 4600 feet of climb. 6:10 moving time. LOTS of pretty areas south and west of Winterset. The detour off my normal route to go through Pammel State Park yielded a couple of awesome climbs. Pammel Park would be worth of a gravel bike pack from DSM. It would be about 35 or 40 miles depending on where you started. 
Looking forward to Dirty Kanza and Chequemegon 100 in June!

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