Monday, June 4, 2012

New Chaser Tim McGovern

It's always great to see new names in the chase for the cup from exotic locales like Chicago. Glad to see that the Cup is reaching outside of Iowa! Welcome to the chase, Tim, and good luck on the upcoming races. It's amazing how doable the Cup seems to be once you get started.

I'm going to give the Cup o' Dirt the college try this year.  
Already done two metrics:
Barry-Roubaix (which was the longest ride I'd ever done to date. I realized after.)
Dirty Mudd'r (Windy Dust'r was more like it!) 
And have GGGRRR, Gritty 260, and 24 Hours of Moab on the calendar. Bagging another 7 is starting to seem doable. 
Tim McGovern

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