Saturday, June 2, 2012

More Metrics from Davie G.

Davie G. had a few more metrics to report. I finally made it over his way to deliver his truckload of cups from when he did 100 metric centuries in one year, plus some cups from another year that he did 48 metrics and 6 full centuries. Obviously, he earned all of those cups, and I'll probably have to rent another semi to get them all over to his house. It was a great visit, and though it was a bit cramped in his small hut I have to say that the bugs were absolutely divine.

Hey Nick, Dave reporting in with metrics 
15 4/28/12
16 4/29/12
17 4/3/12
18 5/5/12
19 5/13/12 
Mostly just wandering around gravel in NE Iowa, I have learned to live off the land as I ride. Here you see me digging into to a delicious bouquet of worms for a snack.

Here I have learned to take shelter in "tree teepees".

My Metric Century  ride on 5/13/12 was a very memorable ride. A man called Nick W along with his lady Caitlin drove all the way from Ames Iowa to deliver my Cup O Dirt awards from the last previous two years. Here is a picture of me receiving said awards and asking the crowd to keep the noise down so I can give my acceptance speech. They didn't. Creep Baby was quite proud and purchased a ring side seat for this event.

Afterwards Caitlin, Nick, and I headed out to the dirt trails on our bicycles. Caitlin  left Nick and I somewhere along the way figuring I had enough of these two and we two rode on and we shared and rode and talked some more like we knew each other for years. Such is bicyclists, we share the same passion and those that don't sure are missing out.
Here is Nick trying to pass the old guy after resting in my draft. I kicked in my Cavendish after burners and held off the attack. I think I taught that young fellow a lesson.


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