Friday, June 1, 2012

Eric Buck and His New Bike

Eric had this to say about his back to back metrics. He also attached this picture of a very, very nice Waterford with very, very nice parts on it. We look forward to hearing about more adventures on that sweet ride in Utah, Eric.

last week i was on some pretty heavy antibiotics for a minor-ish surgery i was having. i was really fatigued. i had just moved all the parts from my vaya over to my new frame and everything was dialed in. i had to ride it right? right. it wasn't pretty but you can chaulk me up for back to back metrics. saturday was a lolipop route around massena. sunday i rode to adair for pizza. found some good dirt north of I-80. here's a pic of the new go everywhere waterford i built up. we are off to utah next month!!!!     

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