Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Courtney Hilton's Mass Update

Courtney sent me this a while back, and I'm just now getting around to doing more Cup O' Dirt updates. This only covers his rides through March. Way to keep on it, Courtney.

Metric #2 Some more TI8 training
So Got a 75 miler in yesterday,  No wind, No snow, and 40 degrees by the end of the day.  Great January weather! I'm feeling a lot stronger after a couple weeks of training and I'm finally getting on my trainer :(  but I get a really good workout on it so I guess it's worth it. 

Metric #3 - Fixie Century
Got a 60+ gravel in with Chad then hit the pavement for some beers and finish the hundy 
Metric #4 Single speed test for Cirrem
I hit a good part of the Cirrem course to test out my gear ratio 38x17 
Metric #5
Cirrem IV
So Over all 4th Single Speed 45 overall and 4:58 Made my goal of under 5!
The morning started out with glazed ice everywere.  I watched in horror as I saw several riders eat dirt ahead of me.  I had a couple close one slid the back tire all over the place, however I'm pretty good at recovering rear tire slides ( I havent fallen this winter)  I also recovered a front tire washout on a downhill.  I slowed down a little after that.  After the first 20 miles It got better traction wise and a lot faster.  Then it got muddy and hilly.  I only had 5 minutes of pause time over all and made 4 stops (potty breaks) It was alot of fun...or thats how I choose to remember it. 
Metric #6
Gravel Century of the week
115 Miles of Gravel/Bike trails.  New Route though Dexter, IA spent a little exrta stop time navigating but still maintained 13.5 avg on the gravel.  Trans-Iowa is Close really close... 

Metric 7
I didnt write anything about this other than the milage so cant remember were I went to but I went there....

Metric 8
Following Squirrel on the pugsley to Earlham and back = Pain.

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