Thursday, May 31, 2012

Charlie and Pat Jenkins at the Cedar Cross 100

This ride sounds like a helluva lot of fun!
May 6 we rode the Cedar Cross 100, in Jefferson City MO.

116 miles. Mostly gravel, with about 10 miles of singletrack. The singletrack was a bit much for our "gravel grinder tandem". We ended up walking a bunch. Lots of soft mud & trails too tight to maneuver the tandem through. The gravel was GREAT! Lots of it, with plenty of good hills.

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  1. I can't believe I hadn't seen this until just now. I love the pic of you guys crossing the creek; you have no idea how stressed out I was that you might have to do the run-up with that tandem, glad I got there in time :)

    Cedar Cross will be May 4th in 2013. Hope to see y'all out there again!!