Thursday, November 29, 2012

Venteicher November Update

And here's the November update from Andrea and Lee Venteicher (well, mostly Andrea this month):

Hey! I’m happy to report that my Novmber rides are done. I did a Full from Waukon to Rochester, MN (my dear sweet husband then retrieved me and even took me to Coldstone for ice cream). I got a Metric in yesterday, through Waterville, Postville, and Frankville (lots of Villes around here, apparently). It’s depressing how early it gets dark! I took this picture at a beautiful sunset (the phone camera doesn’t nearly do it justice), and it’s a good metaphor for my 2012 cup o’ dirt chase; nearly complete, but pretty awesome. So that’s 11 and 11 for Andrea, but Lee has no more rides to report. Thanks again for the chase!

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