Thursday, November 29, 2012

October Venteicher Update

The Venteichers are still cranking out the rides. Keep on riding, Andrea! It'll be great to hand you two cups for the year!

Howdy from NE Iowa!  Lee and I got down to business again this month, with Lee doing another Metric (for a total of 8 metric and 4 full this year).  I did a full from Decorah through Harmony and Spring Grove, MN, and the metric with Lee through Waterville, Volney, and Postville, IA (in case anyone was wondering, the hill on Linton Rd before it intersects with Bigfoot Rd along the Yellow River is a real doozy).  Can't complain at all about the weather, so I'll just whine a little about all of the roads being freshly graded one last time prior to switching the maintainers over to snowplows.  I'm now at 10 full and 10 metrics, so just gotta put the Bar Mitts on for two more months to complete the quest!  If I'm lucky, I'll be able to ride on snowpack again soon...
If anyone wants to come up to our neck of the woods to ride these gnarly hills, we'd be happy to house you!
Everyone stay safe in the dark; talk to you next month!
Andrea and Lee

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