Friday, November 30, 2012

A.J. Turner's Endurance Riding Menu

I know a few guys that love the bacon and orange slices, but beef sticks and beer in the middle of a ride definitely sounds like it would perk a guy up! Keep on it, Austin.

Hey Nick,
Sorry I've been behind on reporting my gravel metrics. (Nick - Sorry I've been behind on posting them!)
The first was solely on a 29" single speed mountain bike. A faulty shifter on my 'cross bike led me to ride this - It was just too nice of a weekend in November NOT to ride, so I couldn't resist and trudged out a metric. Date - November 4th
After securing a new shifter and overcoming a bad Jingle Cross hangover, I set out for 70 miles on November 25th with two buddies to go explore some previously un-discovered B-roads north of Iowa City. Loads of fun, and I snapped a photo of my two riding partners. Another mechanical issue occurred  however, and a cassette had to be tightened with a pair of car keys. Score one for ingenuity.
Rushing to catch up with my cup-o-dirt challenge for the year, I hopped on the bike again immediately the day after on November 26th. The cold weather and strong winds made things difficult, but fun B-roads around Green Castle and a pit stop for beef sticks and Millstream Beer made things much more enjoyable. Also, no mechanical issues made the ride much more pleasant.
I've attached three photos - The first is from the November 25th ride with friends, and the other two are from the November 26th ride. Enjoy.
Thanks again for the chase!

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