Friday, December 30, 2011

Last Chance for 2011 Rides!

2011 is almost over. Kinda unbelievable. You only have today and tomorrow to get in those last rides for the Cup o' Dirt! Forget those New Year's parties that you've been invited to. Fill your Camelbak with champagne and get out on the dirt.

The list to the left has the current information for all of the cup chasers for 2011. If you notice that I have the wrong numbers, let me know. If you've completed enough rides for a cup, send them to me ASAP at I'll start looking into getting more cups made mid-January for the 2011 running.

I hope to get rid of some other responsibilities in 2012 and spend a bit more time with the Cup o' Dirt. Expect some more regular rides and challenges.

Here's to hoping that your resolution for 2012 is to get your very own Cup o' Dirt!

1 comment:

  1. I'm thinking of trying this for 2012, but here in upstate NY it's hard to string together that much dirt without riding a similar amount of pavement to get between the state forest roads. Those roads are a blast, but all of the state forests are in the highest hills and the roads definitely weren't cut to be level! I've been hoping to seek out more dirt though now that I have a capable bike.