Friday, December 30, 2011

Christine Carragee's 2011 Rides

I got a message from Christine Carraggee about her 2011 rides. She had a question about rides she should do in 2012. I gave a couple of ideas, but I thought I would put it to the illustrious athletes of the Cup o' Dirt to reply as well. What rides are YOU planning for next year? Leave your ideas in the comments!

I ran across your challenge as I was looking for next year's races.  Do you make them yourself?  Ceramic mugs are way better than pint glasses and to earn one doing something you love is great!

This year:
I attempted, but didn't complete the Royal 162 due to getting horribly lost, got a good century out of it though.

Dirty Kanza
West Side Dirty Benjamin
Heck of the North
Dirt Bag (only 88 miles)

Next year my plan is to do as much of the AGRS as I can, but I already know I can't make Almanzo because its my sister's graduation.  I'm looking for some other ran races -- maybe something in the south east during the spring?  Any suggestions?

Happy Riding, Christine

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  1. Cirrem is a good one, but that's already filled up. The Farmhouse Classic down in MO is another fun one that I did this year, and may do it again next year. It's typically between 80 and 100 miles and it's pretty grass roots. Entry fee this year was food for the potluck.