Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Dave Giegerich's 1st Metric

You may be aware of the legend that is Dave Giegerich. If not, look into the archives of this blog or check out his very own entertaining web presence. Mister Giegerich did 100 metric centuries last year, setting a record for the Cup O' Dirt as well as inspiring all of us to get off of our butts and pedal more. He's got one down this year:
I have a confession to make. One Metric completed 4/3/11 on my 58th birthday. Distance is a a bit down this year working out a rotator cuff problems. (Too many ice crashes) Improving. Thanks for the chase.
Methinks the man has been distracted by road riding, as evidenced by the following photo. Hopefully some good drugs from the doc and an orchestrated "disappearance" of his road bike might give the legend another 100-century year. It's for your own good, Dave!

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  1. OMGawd!!!!! Nick you caught me. I will repent. I will seek treatment. I will cease my evil ways. I will reclaim the dirt.