Tuesday, April 12, 2011

April Update Showers

We're finally seeing some decent weather around the state! Next thing you know, it'll be 90 degrees and 90% humidity. Gotta love Iowa for that.

Dave Mable did the Gents Race for 65 miles, putting him at two metric centuries. And we have another chaser - Dave Tyler. He writes:
In the bag: CIRREM and Ragnorok 111. I have 4 more 100 milers on the calendar and one more 100K...the 100k is a Pbville qualifier. If I do well I could have a 6th 100 miler on tap. I'll keep you posted. Don't forget this year's Jackrabbit 100 on Oct. 15.
Welcome to the chase, Mr. Tyler.

I have another full century of my own to report. A windy ride to Jefferson and back yesterday. I felt every bit of the 25 mph gusts outta the northwest, both coming and going. The temperature was around 60 degrees, which made for a really nice day out on the gravel. This puts me at 3 full centuries and 2 metrics. I must be slowing down in my old age...

Trans-Iowa is coming up in less than two weeks, so we should have a decent amount of updates after everyone recovers from that. Enjoy your April showers!

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