Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Courtney's 13th Metric and 8th Full

Courtney Hilton had this to say about his most recent rides:

Metric 13 was a good ride to Belle plain Iowa were I camped on the way to Mt Vernon.  It was 110 miles but only 60 was gravel so It's a metric.  This of course was on a loaded touring bike, too.  The next day I got in 2 metrics Belle plain to Mt Vernon and the moonshine metric, but since the total gravel mileage was over 80 for the day (well 30 minutes of it was after midnight) I'm calling it century 8.  Still on track for 1 a month but the hardest month is yet to come....December not for the cold but because of working retail and short days and it is cold usually.

Ride On!

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