Monday, March 21, 2011

New Cup Chaser - Craig Irving

Richard Simmons, eat your heart out.
We have another Cup O' Dirt chaser, Craig Irving. He jokingly asked if there was any hazing involved in the process, and I jokingly replied, "Maybe one should have to ride their first metric in nothing but a speedo or bikini? With a clown wig." I immediately received the above photo, which is no joke.

To get to know the man behind the wig, here's a bit about Craig:
I live in Mount Vernon, IA and I've been a cyclist for 15 years.  I got back into racing last year after a 10 year layoff and now focus on sucking at endurance events.  My big goal this year is to finish either Trans Iowa or Dirty Kanza, or maybe even both if I can find the right lamp to rub.  When I'm not working or riding you can usually find me tinkering in the garage, wasting time on the computer or (unsuccessfully) attempting to ignore my girlfriend's "requests" for me to do some housework.
Craig finished both the Triple D and CIRREM, for two metrics so far in 2011. Welcome to the chase! We all look forward to seeing more photos.

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  1. Go Craig, Go. Special bonus points for the attire.