Saturday, February 5, 2011

A Cupple More

I know I'll run out of ways to insert "cup" cleverly (or not) into the titles of these posts, but I buy that kinda stuff in bulk. Anyway, Courtney Hilton has this to say:
"Got the second metric in January 31.  Dave Cornelison (who might do cup-o-dirt now) joined me for 81 miles and 3k of climbing southern gravel  roads."
Here's the accompanying photo.

And I have my first full century to report. I finished the Arrowhead 135 on the single-speed Pugsley. It was a balmy -30 degrees F at night on the 31st, and even colder the second night, though I had finished by then. Total time was 35 hours and 35 minutes, though I had a rather cold bivy during the night, due to stupidity on my part. Sometimes, you can be too warm at -30F, and sweat through your clothes and sleeping bag while conked out. Take heed, folks. Here's a photo I snapped about 20 miles into the race.

That's all. Get out there and ride! Don't forget about CIRREM on the 26th of February. It's always some slushy goodness.


  1. Geeepers, I gotta get something going here soon in the century department. Good job on the Arrowhead Nick.

  2. Thanks, Dave. Get out there! I expect 200 metrics from you this year, and no excuses.