Monday, January 17, 2011

Winter Updates

Ya gotta wonder what's in Courtney's thermos this time of year...
It may be only January, but I've been getting a steady stream of updates from those who love riding in the snow. Well, maybe it's not love.

Jeremi Walker already has a full century and two metrics in the bag. He wrote, "Well if this weather continues I might get my first cup by the end of January! I wish!!"  He did this here 86-mile ride on the 9th, and also finished the Triple D race yesterday (67 miles, a few more for those who happened to get lost).

Courtney Hilton bagged a metric on the 7th, riding on "southern gravel". He sent me the accompanying photo, but go to his regularly updated blog for more photos and details.

As for myself, I completed the Triple D race as well, marking my first metric for the year. Anyone looking to get started in the winter racing scene should definitely check it out. There were lots of finishers this year - historically, the bikers have about a 25% rate, this year it was around 75%. The running and skiing categories had much better representation than in the past as well, and it turned out to be a really fun event on what was (this year, anyway) a fast course.

Keep riding and keep the updates rolling in!

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