Friday, December 10, 2010

Cup O Dirt Revival

This is what you should be out doing in the next three weeks! It might have more of a whitish tinge where you are located, however.
Well, it's been a while since there's been an update here, but The Cup is not dead. It cannot die - porcelain cups are eternal, you know.

There's been a little change with the administration of the Cup, and it has been decided by the council of off-road gods that it shall be I, Nick Wethington, who carries the torch for this current incarnation of the beloved cup.

Now, there's only a few weeks until the end of this current season. As you can see below, there's not much for cupdates. I only have two to report from those on the list in the previous post - the first is that of David Giegerich, who rode a whopping 100 metric centuries since March. That is not a typo. I didn't mean 10. I meant 10 x 10. This certainly deserves recognition - what an inspiration to other cyclists doing this crazy thing that we do. Davey G, we applaud you.

The second person I have to give updates for is myself. I have complete 9 metrics and 6 full centuries this year.

As for all of you other chasers, we need those updates and ride reports and we need them now. You still have three full weeks from today's writing to get a few more rides in. If Dave can ride 100 metric centuries in one year, you can probably stand to get a few in by January 31st. Just think of that when you're out there in the Iowa prairie and it's like -7 degrees Fahrenheit. This right here is an important bit: send all of your Cup O' Dirt correspondence to iowacupodirt _[at]_ gmail - dot - com.

We want your stories, your photos and of course the number of rides you've completed in 2010 that qualify for the cup. Also, send in any rides that you're aware of which would be of interest to cup chasers. More the better if you'll be putting on a ride. If you've been chasing the cup but have slacked off because you thought it was dead, you can still send in your stats and stories and pictures.

The rules remain the same: 12 metrics (62 miles) gets you a cup, 6 full centuries gets you a cup or 12 centuries gets you a cup. If you do any combination of those numbers, for example do over 12 metrics 6 full centuries, you can qualify for multiple cups. I'll have a few links up to rides that you can do in Iowa in early 2011 in the next few days, and will be making a few general changes around this joint to get things up to speed. Good luck!

~Nick Wethington


  1. Thanks for taking it over. I would be willing to through 10-15 bucks in in advance for my cup for 2011.

    Paul Jacobson

  2. Thanks, Paul. We'll be working out the details of delivering cups and such in the next few weeks, and I'll keep you posted.

  3. Nick thanks for the nice commentary and for the "cup o dirt" inspiration. This sight plus all the other guys and gals out there riding and mentioned here is what got me going on this. I did the easy part, and that was just enjoy the rides. I certainly don't expect all those cups, and definately want to contribute to cover what I receive.
    Dave Giegerich