Saturday, December 11, 2010

...and another

I won't be posting three times a day regularly, I promise. But since the updates are rolling in (two in the last ten minutes), I figure I might as well get the word out. Maybe it'll inspire some lurkers out there to get in some rides, and I can hand out a few more cups. Here's a list of 2010 cup rides from Courtney Hilton. Courtney kindly provided me with links to a ride report and photos of each ride. Click on the ride to be transported to its specific blog post.

1/16 First Metric
2/6 Second metric
2/27 Third Metric
3/17 Fourth Metric
3/28 Fifth Metric
4/24 Sixth Metric
5/1 Seventh Metric
6/4 Eighth Metric
8/15 Ninth Metric
8/30 Tenth Metric
9/4 11th Metric
10/13 12th Metric
Here is my list for the year.  It's sad I missed the one a month in July!


Well done, Courtney. It was really, really hot in most of July.

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