Sunday, July 1, 2012

2011 Cups Are Finished!

Great news, everyone! The 2011 Cup O' Dirt cups are finished and I am going to go pick them up and start distributing in the next few weeks. I don't think I officially published a final list of the 2011 recipients of the Cup, just let the chaser list speak for itself, so here it is:

Drew Wilson 5 full, 11 metrics - 1 Cup
Matt Maxwell 2 full,13 metrics - 1 Cup
Mr. Davey Gie 6 Full, 72 metrics - 7 Cups
Courtney Hilton 8 full, 15 metrics - 2 Cups
Craig Irving 6 full, 15 metrics - 2 Cups
Jared Morford 4 full, 9 metrics - 1 Cup
Nick Wethington 6 full, 10 metrics - 1 Cup

Cups will be delivered as soon as possible after I pick them up. My cost on the cups is $12 apiece, so any kickbacks to help a poor bike mechanic out would be appreciated (but not absolutely necessary to receive your cup).

Congrats to all of the qualifiers. Here's to doubling the number of recipients in 2012.

~Nick W.

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