Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Drew Wilson's Update

I'll be giving Drew his Cup O' Dirt from 2009 and 2010 this coming weekend at Heck of the North. He's gotten a few in this year, too. The links in his post will take you to his own photos/writeup of the ride. You gotta respect that a few of his metrics just happened to be days of "running errands and commuting."

I spent a lot less time on gravel this year than in the last couple of
years.  Consistently putting in most of my bigger days on the road
throughout most of the spring and summer.  I think I also, overall, went
on less long rides.  Here is my current cup update with links to some of
my earlier write-ups.


1/6-  65 miles of snow covered roads/gravel.  Notes say that I rode hard
down the post office, hit some bike paths and then realized that if I
stretched my commute home a bit I could hit the Metric mark.

1/16- Triple D.  1st place non-snow bike.  Really fun duel with Ben
Shockey and his Pugsley (which I lost).
1/29- Another day of commuting and running errands that slipped over the metric mark.

2/26- CIRREM!

2/27- Gravel to Plainview and the Road Trip Bar and Grill in Dover.
Remember being VERY tired.

3/26 and 27- Spring Training Decorah.  I only made metrics both days.
Century day I got a sore back.

4/8-  Awesome ride over to Red Wing with Almanzo himself and Josh Kruck.
The next day we served wine, grapes, cheese etc. to the racers in the
Ragnarok 105.

5/1- B.A.L.L.S. Madison.  This was day 2, felt great!

6/13-  Copper Harbor trails etc..  I did a week of two-a-day rides up
there, this day was longest.

6/18-  Namakegon/Cable area trails, had to stop and ride hard on my way
back from the Keeweenaw


4/30-  B.A.L.L.S. Madison

5/14-  Almanzo Royal 162-  5th place finish.  Focus on shorter training
rides paying off?

6/4-  Dirty Kanza 200-  Too hot for me!

(8/13 Dairy Land Dare-  doesn't count, but if you don't mind pavement
this is an awesome ride.  It WOULD be gravel if it weren't in Wisconsin
where they pave everything.

9/24- Almanzo Gentleman's ride.  Doesn't get much better than this!

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